// ABOUT ME! //

I am an interdisciplinary artist and writer who works across performance, live art, craft and film. My work is inspired by the interaction between humans, animals and our environment. I am committed to creating vivid and intriguing stories that hopefully inspire people to be a little kinder to the world around us and to live a sustainable and positive life. You can check out all of my current works over on the portfolio section of this site, and follow the development of new artworks through my blogs.

I am continuously inspired through travel, hiking, reading, conservation work and of course, artists. All of which will get plenty of lifestyle posts dedicated to them to share my thoughts and feelings!

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I recently graduated with an MA in Theatre & Performance from Kings College London. My postgraduate dissertation examined the performative, hybrid, relationship between human and animal, and supported my performance Hush Now My Darling through practice-as-research. Previous to postgrad study I graduated from University of Chichester with a BA HONS in Performing Arts. I continue to critically study and research the relation between art and ecology.

Enjoy x