// ABOUT ME! //

I am a freelance performer, writer and creator. My work crosses between performance, movement, craft and film. I am committed to creating vivid and intriguing stories; telling these tales in a way which inspire people to live a more positive, sustainable and creative lifestyle. Often influenced by everyday interactions, I focus on creating opportunities and environments which allow for hard to talk about, taboo, or forgotten topics to be exposed. I believe art should be accessible to all and am committed to bringing workshops and artworks to those who are often unheard. When tackling any new piece of work I have a 4 step rule for myself:
Dissect > Observe > Re-imagine > Inspire.

I graduated with an MA in Theatre & Performance from Kings College London, in 2016. My research topic explored performative identities as hybrids, and informed the development of the performance Hush Now My Darling. Prior to that I studied Performing Arts at the University of Chichester. Graduating with a first class BA HONS degree, in 2015.

I am a trained dancer (contemporary, tap, ballet & jazz) and am currently working towards attaining my teaching qualifications, with support from the Dean Row School of Dancing.

All of my current projects and workshops on offer are listed on the PORTFOLIO section of this site. If something catches your eye and you fancy chatting about it, or are interested in having a bespoke artwork/workshop created, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the CONTACT form.

Keep up to date with everything I find inspiration in, have an opinion on, or need to discuss, through my weekly BLOGS. 

Enjoy x