Hush Now My Darling

// Performance // 2016-2017 //

Hush Now My Darling is a performative exploration of a young queer woman attempting to understand her own maternal instinct, and why she seems to care for animals more than children.

Within this performance I question the social and familial expectations, that are expected of myself as a queer woman in my twenties, in regards to beginning a family and becoming a mother. I try and understand the hierarchy of care given to different species and why I prefer to nurture and mother animals. Through the use of lip-syncing, verbatim text, and excessive make-up, I blur my human identity and attempt to become a cow in order to provide the necessary care for a baby made out of beef; which would have otherwise gone ‘to waste’ and been ‘tossed’ as it is no longer deemed to be of benefit to humans.

The performance was first developed as part of Camden People Theatres Starting Blocks scheme in 2016. It then became the focus of my postgraduate study and was developed further at Kings College London. The show has been performed in various venues across London and was programmed by Forest Fringe at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016.

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