A Regency Christmas // Costume Interpretation

Costume Interpretation // 2017

During A Regency Christmas Exhibit at Lyme Park (National Trust), myself and fellow artist Lucy Jones worked alongside the Visitor Experience Team to bring historical and exciting characters to life. After working within the House as part of a Research & Development phase we ressurected 3 women from the Regency era:
Martha – A cheeky yet efficient housemaid
Miss Katherine – A young lady of the house awaiting the arrival of her fiancé
Lady Elinor – The Lady of Lyme.

Each of these characters helped bring the exhibition to life through a combination of snapshot performances and improvisation, providing accurate and informative historical information to all visitors.


Although this performance was set within the Regency Era, myself and Lucy are able to provide Costume Interpretation – both scripted and improvised – for a variety of eras and settings.