19th April: Rubatosis (work in progress)
Venue – The Gate, Cardiff

12th May: Hush Now My Darling (hosted by YoPro)
Venue – Battersea Arts Centre, London


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Hush Now My Darling

// Performance // 2016-2017 // Hush Now My Darling is a performative exploration of a young queer woman attempting to understand her own maternal instinct, and why she seems to care for animals more than children. Within this performance I question the social and familial expectations, that are expected of myself as a queer woman in my … Continue reading Hush Now My Darling


// One-to-One Performance // 2017 //  Rubatosis: (n). The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.  Rubatosis is an ongoing documentation project which draws attention to individuals relationship with their own heart, focusing on how to fix ‘a broken heart’. Through one-to-one performances, I spend time with each participant, exchanging stories, anecdotes and words of wisdom. As … Continue reading Rubatosis