The ‘Learning to Live…’ Project

Ok, I have a confession…It is the start of September and as everyone naturally gears up for back to school/uni (I have a lot of teacher friends!), I feel slightly jealous that I’m not. I bloody love learning, and with the start of another academic year being spent out of formal education rolling around, I’m determined to still learn some stuff. So i’ve made myself a little project.

The ‘Learning to Live…’ Project

Over the next year I will be introducing new habits and skills into my daily life, in order to try and live a little happier, and perhaps a little more exciting too. I have always thought of myself as a sustainable person; I always try to recycle, I don’t eat animals, I buy most of my clothes second hand…In my eyes – that was definitely sustainable living right?

Well, no.
I have started to notice a lot more recently, that actually unless I make a conscious effort to not do something, there are many many things that I am doing which aren’t helping to live a sustainable lifestyle. It’s the little things y’know, like forgetting to turn the light off when I leave the room! (sorry mum)

So each month, for one year, I am going to adopt a different sustainable habit. I have only given myself the commitment of sticking to the habit for one month – no pressure to keep it up – just an experiment. Although secretly I’m hoping I keep every single one of them up and I am a sustainability goddess by 2018, but, we’ll see about that.

Each week I will post up a little de-brief about how the week has gone and how I am finding this new way of learning/living, as well as regular research posts about the wider effect. Check back here on Sunday to see what I have chosen for September’s challenge!

learning to live 'sustainably'

Any suggestions for the list are greatly appreciated…comment down below! Or let me know your own sustainable habits!

Lis x


One thought on “The ‘Learning to Live…’ Project

  1. Allya Khammari says:

    Okay Lissie you Goddess! This is such a bloody good idea! I might do some of these things too. I just had a couple of ideas but you would’ve defo thought of them but here they are anywayssss 🙂

    1)Don’t buy a 5p bag for a month, even if you forget yours and it means you have to do three trips to the car! Or it means you have to walk round town with tampons on show…should have remembered ya bag for life!!

    2) Don’t buy bottled water anymore, you are probably good and don’t do this that much anyway but I do this way too much because I am a tap water snob basically but I am capable of great change…

    I’m also floating the vegan idea but brie is kind of very important in my life rn

    I’m sure I will think of more but I’m at work at the moment so should probs go and actually do some work!!

    Muchos love,

    Al xxxx


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