A change of scenery.

I’ve always been fascinated by the sea.

By its expansive eco-system; its dependency on the moon; and its ability to change from welcoming to dangerous in a split second.

To me, the sea is both calming and exhilarating. Mysterious and honest all at once.


Up until last week I always thought that I wanted to live by the sea. It seems natural to gravitate towards the landscape that makes you feel most calm and settled right? But having just spent a week on the Pembrokeshire coast, having time to clear my head and press that metaphorical ‘re-set’ button, I’ve realised it would be one of my biggest mistakes to run away to sea. Soon enough, surely, the stress of everyday life would creep up on me once again and taint the environment I’m in. What has always been a calming experience would become mundane and boring – the sea would become normal, and I never want that to happen.

I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with the people you love, in a place that you love. But I have also found the importance of holding a little something back. Like, when you save your favourite chocolate for the perfect evening in, or try not to wear your best clothing for every occasion so it still makes you feel amazing when you put it on. That’s what I’ve figured out with the coast. It is a pocket of landscape that makes me feel entirely different to anywhere else I visit, and for that reason, I am keeping it in reserve for when I need a little boost: A little bit of an escape from every day, and a little bit of time for myself.

I will continue to watch countless documentaries about marine life. Support the need to help clean up our oceans. And buy sea-salt scented candles. I know that I will be back at the coast sooner or later, but when I really want to go back. When the time is perfect.


Perhaps a little escapism every now and again isn’t such a bad thing.

I’d be so interested in where you think your little pocket of escapism is…Let me know in the comments below 🙂


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