Semester 1

This semester has been a whirlwind. By the time I finished my three years as an undergraduate I had forgotten just how long it had taken me to feel fully settled into daily life as an arts student; surviving in a both creative and academic environment, constantly meeting new people and trying to seize every opportunity to absorb some of the cities art culture. Turns out, those exact feelings (I usually liken them to stumbling around, pissed, in the dark) can return just as strongly when you start an MA in a brand new, much bigger, city. But I think I’ve done ok. I think, 13 weeks after initially beginning this new process of development, it is safe to say I am surviving.

So as I sit here surrounded by books & notes with the intention to begin writing the papers I’m suppose to be working on over the Christmas period, my thoughts are trailing off, remembering the highlights of Semester 1, Kings College London…

Indulging in thinking time.
Having time to air an idea out is a very big luxury that not many students have the privilege of. I remember all to well having just 6 weeks to not only fully develop an idea, but create and perform/exhibit the artwork in that time as well; all before following the correct procedure for submitting it to a marking criteria. A very odd way to work creatively when looking back. But by partaking in Performance Lab. (led by Dr. Harriet Curtis) I fully took advantage of what I have now named, the nurturing stage, for my current project Hush Now, My Darling. Over the last three months I have fully begun to understand the breadth of my own ideas. Almost being forced to come up with a performative research question that was then left with me to mull over for little under 3 months, really helped show me how utterly expansive initial ideas are. There were weeks where I thought I had come up with something genius and spent my morning commute very excited by it, to then realise 3 weeks later it was completely irrelevant and utter shit, and still had plenty of time to keep thinking. This was the key element, there was no pressure. When I had those moments of realising what I was thinking was totally irrelevant, I didn’t freak out. I just thought oh well, and hoped something would pop into mind in a day or two. Having fully taken advantage of that little hiatus of thinking time, the project is now up and running and being thrown into it’s next stage…Development. It is time to develop this performance, through some exciting outside support which will all be revealed soon.

Writing as a postgrad.
This is an odd one. Doing anything ‘academically’ post graduation, still feels a little bit strange for me. It is clear that we are suppose to be writing for ourselves, and I shouldn’t feel guilty about doing so anymore. It is my research interest now, not the course module’s. Through this semester I have begin to develop what I feel could become a long and expansive relationship between myself and essays of art, ecology and social sciences.

Reaching a mid-MA crisis.
Recently I joked with my friends that I have reached a mid-MA crisis, and what I mean by this is that time is going VERY QUICKLY. Much quicker than I anticipated and I am not ready for it to be over without fully enjoying myself. It struck me that I have one year in an institution that has so much to offer, and before I know it, I will be donning a cap and gown once more and be done with University all over again. So, here are a few promises I have made myself just to make sure I am fully getting my most out of this year..

1) I will be taking additional lectures for Medical Humanities BSC which I am very, very excited about.

2) I will join a society. When else am I going to be able to get away with partaking in something like mountaineering with a pint in my hand.

3) I will actually go and pay a visit to some of the amazing lecturers at the University, just to hope a little bit of their knowledge rubs off on me.

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